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I'm proud to announce I had the opportunity to collaborate with the Cane Bay High School Marching Band from Summerville, SC with their 2016 marching show, "That's the Way Love Goes". They have a killer young band that's looking to do something new in their area while taking popular love songs from the last few decades and giving them a modern marching band makeover.

Additionally, I have a choral piece ready for you in time for the upcoming holiday concerts, simply titled "What Child is This?". It takes the Christmas classic and gives it a lovely update. Give it a listen on the side bar and get it for your group below!

Also, be sure to check out "Espionage", a concert band piece for younger and growing band groups! It gives them a chance to play something really fun while still giving them great learning opportunities. Give it a listen on the side bar and preview the score below!

I have a new release coming this fall titled "Terminal Vertigo" that is being taught right now at a local school. It's a higher-level piece with calculated aleatoric moments that really gives the performers a chance to shine musically. Look out for that soon or e-mail me for a preview!

Terminal Vertigo (band)

Difficulty - Advanced
Terminal Vertigo is a powerful, emotionally-charged exploration of mental states in the face of tragedy and loss. It features mature writing for players, striking aleatoric sections, and a breadth of sound to really like an ensemble shine. Be sure to listen to a preview reading session to the left!
Check out the score!


What Child is This? (chorus)

Difficulty - Intermediate
This poignant SATB + Piano piece takes the audience through several different treatments of your singers while keeping them enthralled with a mix of modern stylings and classic elements. A high-quality audio version of the accompaniment is available for use as well as practice versions of the piece for each voice. The highest soprano note is an A.

Choral Music - Format
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Difficulty - Easy/Intermediate (band)
Written for younger bands and modeled after the best parts of spy thrillers, Espionage takes your band through layers of sounds and moods to envoke excitement and intrigue in your audience. The piece features the percussion section throughout and is great for teaching beginner syncopations.
Check out the score!

Wind Ensemble/Band
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Adam G Prack III is a composer living in the Charleston, SC area with his wonderful wife and children. As a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor's of Music in Music Composition/Theory, his music has been performed by a wide variety of musicians, has accompanied nationally-aired commercials, and is currently being used in interactive entertainment.

Want something different? Need something specific? Commission it! I'm well-versed in a ton of styles, and I'll tailor to your group and needs.

I've got even more coming soon!

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