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Blight Alpha Release Trailer

2012 Music Reel

Click through the tabs to see examples of my work. You can also find recent events on the left pane and my contact information in the about section.

You'll find a wide variety of musical styles represented including orchestral, rock, electronic, piano, and others!

Blight is my current game on display, and it is ever-expanding with new content and levels! More games are to come, too!

See website designs created by me that are examples of my abilities and approaches!



The Filler - Remix from Mega Man 9 included in Rockin' Sockin' Cinder Blockin' on the forums.

2010 Demo Reel - Various clips of existing works.

2010 Short Demo Reel - A more abbreviated demo reel to get a quick idea.

Arabesque - Fast-paced, whimsical track.

Pound - Hard-hitting, hip-hop influenced piece.

Sunlight - Upbeat, and cheerful, this orchestral piece exhibits a bright, playful atmosphere.

Theme from "The Ocarian" - A title sequence written for an independent game I'm making in my side time.

March to Doom - A track done for Renegade X, an Unreal Engine 3 mod based on the Command & Conquer original. Original tune by Frank Klepacki.

Clips from "How to Get Your Stache Back" - Clips from the score I wrote for a student film at the University of South Carolina.

Shift - This peice is broken into multiple tracks to be interactive based on gameplay triggers. All layers are loopable and layerable. ShiftA is a relaxed mood and ShiftB is a stressful version.

Unreasonable - Fast-paced battle music.

RPGtown - A light, town theme with a larger transition break.

Light - An upbeat exploration theme.

MenuA - A pause menu.

Corridor - A programmatic score-to-video of an intense situation.

This text will be replaced by the flash music player.


Blight on Desura
Blight is an independently-developed platformer that spans four kingdoms as you combat an industrialized race bent on draining every resource available out of the land. Players are helped along by a pendant that gives them the ability to harness a wall of power temporarily. This allows the player to block projectiles, clear pathways, disrupt enemies, raise dangerous obstacles and ceilings, and float temporarily.

Blight is available on Desura, IndieCity and Indievania right now for a reduced price as an Alpha release!

Visit the official site here!

Blight Screenshot Blight Screenshot Blight Screenshot Blight Screenshot


This section is a display of website and other design elements as a showcase for my ideas and abilities.


Icescape is a minimalist design using three colors and a cold theme. It features animated menus, limited image use for lessened bandwidth consumption, and a toggle between desktop-friendly and mobile-friendly layouts. It's a perfect design for dynamically updated previews of articles on a specific subject.



BusSoft is a mock-business website design. It is meant to be a showcase for a site's front page with a rich display of features and content for potential clients. Its interactive elements are great for catching attention, but the design works well for most browsers to not leave out your audience.


I'd love to hear from you. E-mail me: e-mail address


Adam Prack lives in South Carolina with his beautiful wife, Meghan, and wonderful son, Ethan. He is multi-talented in music, game development, and design/coding.


Adam Prack is a versatile musical composer who has studied music since childhood. Along with performing and playing trumpet for over ten years, Adam is classically trained in music composition and holds a Bachelor's of Music in Music Composition from the University of South Carolina.

He has studied composition under Dr. John Fitz Rogers, Dr. Samuel Douglas, and electronic music under Dr. Reginald Bain. Adam has used his abilities to create many works for various groups or instrumentalists and vocalists. He has composed works for orchestra, band, chamber ensembles, choir, soloists, and electronics. He also has scoring experience in short film, video game mods, and independent video games.

Adam has solely-developed and released an indie platformer, "Blight" as part of an alpha-funding campaign. The game is currently in development, but is available to early-adopters for a reduced price that gains instant-access. Blight features detailed, HD visuals, high-quality music, and great level-design. Adam was born in Akron, Ohio in 1987 and remained there until he was 10, when his family moved to South Carolina.
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